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Feel like owning an hyper car?

Bitcar is the first platform in the world that allows you to own and P2P trade fractions of an exotic car using crypto.

About Us


Bitcar provides a platform that allows anyone with cryptocurrencies to purchase an interest or P2P fractionally trade in exotic cars.

What is Bitcar?

Historically the ownership of rare and exotic hyper and super cars (known as ‘Exotics’) and classic cars have been limited to the very wealthy, until now. BitCar opens up Exotics asset class to everyone in the world allowing anyone to purchase an interest and or trade, in different Exotics. BitCar is opening up the door to traditional car ownership of Exotics and the P2P trading platform is only the very first instalment to the BitCar’s decentralised platform. The automotive industry is set to be disrupted and BitCar, after two years of research and development with the top legal firms in the industry, are set to take on the automotive industry by storm.


Check out what makes Bitcar unique.

  • Decentralized

    Bitcar will be completely decentralized once completed. It operates using Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network in order to provide a fully autonomous platform.

  • Trustless

    Bitcar is fully transparent and architected in a way that it does not require a central party in order to operate.

  • Secure

    By having its code vetted by the top Smart Contract specialists Bitcar can provide the highest level of security.

  • Exotic Cars

    Our team of Agents will ensure that only top end Exotics that are likely to appreciate will make it onto the BitCar Platform.


Check out what makes Bitcar unique.


See what the future will look like for Bitcar


Get to know who's behind Bitcar

  • Daniel Woodroof

    Cars Specialist

    Daniel is a race-winning national formula car champion having progressed from a successful karting career into international motorsports including formula and GT car racing. Racing since the age of 12, he has gone on to win multiple national and international championships in both karting and singleseaters. He has already achieved multiple championship wins and countless podiums. Daniel is a TV host and makes regular appearances on Discovery Asia channel with his own travel show based on his racing experience. As an Entrepreneur Daniel has worked in the technology sector with Ledger Assets, to develop BitCar’s technology and plans. He brings his wealth of experience for high performing and rare exotics with commercial technology to BitCar.
  • Charles Kilborn

    International Engagement

    Charles is a success-driven executive with over 25 years of experience in enterprise strategy, turnaround, operations management, corporate finance and business development. He is an industry-recognized leader in the development, implementation and integration of technology infrastructure. Charles has enjoyed considerable success in the development of early stage / start-up companies and is proficient in building prosperous acquisition targets. Charles provides his global experience and engagement to BitCar.
  • Sheree Ip

    Legal & Blockchain Development

    Sheree formerly practised as a Commercial Lawyer and Litigator, and leverages her four years of experience in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to provide a strong commercial background in BitCar. Sheree leads the team in new product development on compliance from design architecture through to the implementation phase and leads the BitCar marketing campaign. As a part of the Ledger Assets, Sheree has worked across numerous blockchain projects. She is a Doctoral Candidate researching Digital Currency Law and Blockchain Regulation at Curtin University, she provides the Blockchain Business Development to Power Ledger and is on the Board of Blockchain Australia.
  • Julia Buchholz

    Digital Advertising & Marketing Strategist

    Julia is an advertising and marketing professional with experience in campaign management and online business development for global companies and start-ups, within the media and technology industry. Julia brings her background in crypto marketing, lead generation, marketing tracking and optimization, advertising strategies and Web development to BitCar.

    Dr. Gov Van Ek


    Gov provides the conceptual and technical development as well as commercial direction at BitCar. In 2015, he co-founded Ledger Assets, a leading Australian blockchain company. In the following year he co-founded the blockchain energy company, Power Ledger and medical records company, E-nome. He has a PhD from University of Manchester in Total Technology and before Ledger Assets, he was Managing Director of a number of private and listed companies. He is an investor and business founder and launched his first software company in 1991. Gov is experienced in concept development, systems architecture and design, commercial matters and has expertise in human/computing interface design and A.I. Gov is also an Exotic car enthusiast.

    Nuno Martins

    Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Nuno is a full stack blockchain and systems engineer, security specialist, and an Electronics Engineer with experience in computing, A.I. and robotics. He has specialized in cryptocurrency applications since 2012 and brings a wealth of experience to BitCar. He is highly experienced in security aspects of system design at Ledger Assets. He led the development of the BitCar prototype in 2015 and brings his expertise to engineering the system designs of BitCar’s Platform including its decentralized nature. Nuno manages the technology and led the development architecture and technology design of the Power Ledger and E-nome Platforms.

    Alasdair Penman

    Software & Blockchain Engineer

    Alasdair is a full stack blockchain developer at BitCar. He performs the design and analysis, coding and unit/integration testing on the BitCar Platform. Collaborating with the business to prioritise key technical initiatives, Alasdair utilizes his expert knowledge from positions at Ledger Assets and BitCar to provide technical guidance, in all phases of the software development lifecycle.

    John Bulich

    Technical Advisor & Co-founder

    John leads the technical direction for conceptual, system and application design and development for BitCar. He led the technical team in the development of BitCar’s Prototype Platform since 2015. John is a co-founder of Ledger Assets, a Perth based blockchain developer specializing in the creation and commercialization of technical and commercial blockchain systems. Ledger Assets has successfully developed and deployed world-first blockchain based products proving the provenance of artefacts including evidence grade photography, video and document management. In 2016 John co-founded blockchain energy company, Power Ledger and medical records company, E-nome. John is also a classic car enthusiast.

    Rose Burnett

    Digital Marketer

    Rose is an experienced Digital Marketer in lead generation, sales funnels, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and is a Web Design Specialist. Rose is a Start-up Promoter and Presenter in Online Technologies and she applies her skills from IT Project Management to Digital Marketing at BitCar.

    Jesica Sanchez

    Branding Designer

    Jesica is an experienced global Branding Designer working in studios across Australia and Europe, with over 9 years experience working with well established brands. She utilises her skills across multiple mediums combining her experience in print and graphic designs from digital marketing and advertising. Jesica assists with the branding of BitCar with her interactive strategy and creativity in digital design.

    Peter Briggs

    Advisor & International Relations

    Peter is an internationally renowned classic car collector. He was awarded by Sir David Brand the Tourism Award in Western Australia in 2014 and is the Founder and Owner of York Motor Museum in Western Australia. At one point Peter’s collection of classic cars numbered over 300. Peter has extensive international connections with other major classic car collectors and auction houses etc., and frequently takes his current cars on rallies all over the world.

    Trent Wheeler

    Project Development

    Trent’s experience has developed his capability in executive roles, project management and execution across a wide range of sectors. Trent’s love of awesome cars and aircraft, along with his passion for technology, helps BitCar’s project development.


Bitcar is on the news!


Bitcar is on the news!

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