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Box - Car Card Design

Welcome back to the second round of the car card release series. As usual please feel free to provide us with feedback on each design via our telegram discussion group, where you can quickly interact with the BitCar team every day.
Jordana explains the reasons and thoughts behind creating this design. "The Box design was made with an idea of keeping it simple but effective. […]

Fade - Car Card Design

Welcome to our first Car Card Design blog post!
For the next week or so, we will be adding new designs to our website, with some information about the design from our designer; Jordana. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on each design via our telegram discussion group, where you can quickly interact with the BitCar team every day.
Desktop Version

Mobile Version

This design features […]

BitCar update on Platform #BitCarTEC #4

Hello BitCar aficionados!
This article follows on from our previous Tec2 Article, where we introduced Rowan, Will and highlighted some of the frontend challenges. We are happy to report that the team has been working fast and furious (no pun intended!) on the platform, to meet some significant milestones, as outlined below.
Front-end Development
Previously, we outlined how one of the challenges […]

Founder Token Burn

Ready, set, burn! BitCar has completed its final token burn, successfully burning 36,000,000 BITCAR tokens on the 26th September.

What is a Token Burn?
A token burn means sending the tokens to be burned to a public address, from which those particular tokens can never be spent because the private keys of such an address is unobtainable. Click here to find the transaction details about the BitCar […]

BitCar update on Platform and Developers seeking Community Feedback #BitCarTEC #3

Hello BitCar enthusiasts!
This article follows on from our last #BitCarTEC 2 article, which focused upon the backend architecture and progress to date. Since that article was released, the team has grown to include a dedicated front-end developer (Rowan) and a Chief Product Officer (Will). Part of Will’s role will be to provide more consistent updates and a link between our technical team and the […]

BitCar Team Expansion

At BitCar we are very happy to welcome our new members to the team! Read on to find out more.
William ‘Will’ Foster
William joins the team as the Chief Product Officer. He brings a distinct blend of technical and business knowledge to the BitCar team, having worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, across a variety of roles including full-stack software engineer and software development […]

Major BitCar Update - 3rd September 2018

Dear BitCar Community,
BitCar Pte Ltd is pleased to provide the first major update since the ICO completed in Q2 2018.
Important BitCar releases will be lodged ONLY on our website at This major announcement has been verified on the blockchain using the world’s first ever blockchain App (which the founders proudly made in 2015 called, enter this EzyID to verify this release […]

BitCar update on platform and Developers seeking Community Feedback #BitCarTEC #2

Hello BitCar community!
Continuing from the previous #BitCarTEC article, today we spoke to Alejandro, our newest backend developer who you all met in July. We sat down to talk about his progress on the platform, what he’s done and what challenges he faced along the way.
Alejandro explained that several components and third parties are considered in the platform’s architecture design, these are: UI […]

BitCar Developers are seeking Community Feedback #BitCarTEC

Hello BitCar enthusiasts.
Today we present you with some of the technical challenges that we and many other blockchain projects currently face. We are looking for your innovative and clever ideas!
With this new series of blog posts, we hope not only to engage in the process of becoming more transparent about what we are doing but also to get some positive feedback from the community. Hopefully, […]

BitCar Heats Up With Successful Token Burn

BitCar Token Burn has commenced
BitCar successfully burned a total of 151,577,871 tokens during the scheduled token burn on the 31st July. Approximately 60 per cent of the initial public sale amount of 250M tokens have been burned, significantly reducing the number of coins in circulation.

Founders will volunteer to burn approximately 50 % of their tokens from the remaining 236,936,631 tokens […]