BitCar Major (non-technical) Platform Update

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Important: Please note this release is for information purposes only and no advice, warranties or claims are made or given. All pictures of cars are samples only and do not represent cars which are available on the Platform. This release contains views on how the BitCar Platform will operate and how users can interact with it, however, this is subject to change at BitCar’s sole discretion.

Hello from us all at BitCar!

Some of the BitCar team from left to right: Alejandro (Developer), Rowan (Developer), Zoe (Admin), Dana (Design), Will (CPO), Gov (Co-Founder)

Some more of the BitCar team from left to right: Alejandro (Developer), Nuno (CTO & Co-Founder), Will (CPO), Gov (Co-Founder), Rowan (Developer), John (Co-Founder)

Wow what a busy month it has been for all of us at BitCar!

Here are some highlights of what we have achieved over the past four weeks, some of which we will touch on in this article…

General Business

  • BitCar token becomes an official token on Etherscan
  • Binance Application in progress
  • Discussions around alpha release date for Platform
  • Increase in volume and subsequent Market Cap
  • Over 40 “stories” now ‘done’ on our board
  • Over 46 responses to our user survey so far – keep them coming!
  • Focus on our social-media story releases and engagement in Telegram
  • Regulatory discussions - as ever these are on-going at various levels
  • Performed some regulation-based testing

Platform - Frontend

  • Decision made to run frontend in IPFS (and operational)
  • Completion of screen designs
  • Wallet connectivity flow with user roles
  • Demo car data sending and retrieving from IPFS
  • Functionality built for dashboard, car listings, car details and token search screens

Platform - Backend

  • Refactoring to increase security and reduce complexity
  • Alpha release to internal test-net
  • Internal auditing of smart contracts
  • Finalised test scripts
  • Completed Role-based security contracts
  • Progressed decentralised Ticker solution The team have been designing, developing and supporting business functions at full steam, allowing us to start discussing an alpha release date for the Platform, in line with our full release in Q1 2019.

Front-end Development

The user-interface for the Platform only started in late September, with many challenges being faced due to new technologies and a focus upon decentralisation. The “flesh is now on the bones” of the system and we have some great sneak-peak screen shots to share below…


The dashboard provides information about current cars on the Platform, upcoming listings and general announcements and can be accessed without a blockchain wallet. Should you decide to connect your wallet to our Platform (optional), you will have access to your own personalised dashboard showing your current BitCar balance, upcoming listings and details of cars you have purchased along with their current status. Once connected, you will also be able to purchase additional car tokens on the Platform, if they are available to you. * Disclaimer: screenshot is a sample only and are not actual BitCar cars

Originally, we designed the Platform to automatically connect your wallet account once you had authorised MetaMask to do so, however, this is now being changed to an action performed by the user. This decision was made to provide you, the user, with greater control over when and how you connect your wallet to the Platform. The aim is for us to support MetaMask, Ledger and Trezor upon release.

Car Listing

With the many car card designs which were released, the final chosen design was “Magazine”, although we are still tweaking everything based upon user and team feedback, as can be seen from the screen-shot below. This screen will provide a list of all cars which exist on the Platform, how many tokens are available, their listing value and basic information. Filtering is still being implemented, which will allow searching by car make, date listed, availability and so forth. Selecting one of these ‘car cards’ will take you to the car detail screen. * Disclaimer: screenshot is a sample only and are not actual BitCar cars We hope you like the flame icons - representing how popular a car is on the Platform!

Car Detail

This screen provides you with all of the detailed information about a particular car; engine size, chassis number, year manufactured and so on, along with a description and images (which can be zoomed to allow you to inspect the car in detail. Additionally, real-time data about the car tokens is provided, pulled directly from the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that you always have up-to-date information readily available. * Disclaimer: screenshot is a sample only and are not actual BitCar cars

Token Search

With each car having its own ERC-20 tokens, you are technically able to view all trades that occur on the blockchain via Etherscan or other tools. The token search functionality allows you to search for a car on the Platform based upon its contract address or symbol of the token, allowing you to quickly navigate to a car from the token address or symbol shown in a wallet or from Etherscan.

* Disclaimer: screenshot is a sample only and are not actual BitCar cars

Backend Development

With the frontend moving rapidly, the focus for the solidity contracts has been security and efficiency. Alejandro has worked hard to refactor and finalise our test scripts, breaking them into durable, independent scripts that validate all of our functions, check gas costs and ensure that there are no gaps in our security model.

One of the many test-runs executed against our Platform

Additionally, we have started an internal auditing process using tools including Mythril and Solium, this will ensure that we are resolving any obvious issues prior to any additional auditing that may be performed before launch. Meanwhile, Nuno (our CTO) has been busy refactoring our contracts using the Factory pattern, increasing the efficiency and reducing the complexity of our contracts, building the decentralised Ticker and many other contract-level changes.

Milestones and Progress

With some great progress being made over the past four weeks, we are happy to report that the frontend is now

over 50% complete, bringing our total Platform completion to almost 75%!

* Note: Binance Exchange is shown as ‘Application in Progress’: an application has been made to list BitCar there, however, there is no guarantee BitCar will be accepted by Binance.

Upcoming development milestones (next 2-4 weeks)

  • Finalising the on-boarding process of the car to the Platform
  • Finalising the RPP, MSI and fee process (as outlined in the whitepaper)
  • Change to wallet connect to provide a ‘login/logout’ like functionality
  • Car listing filters and sorting
  • Administration screens
  • Alpha Platform release to IPFS system
  • Beta Release

With almost three quarters of the Platform now complete, we have locked in a date for our first Beta release of the frontend connected to the blockchain on a test network! – at this stage we are still refining who and what this will involve, but we will release more as these details become more refined.

We expect internal testing to commence on 14 December 2018, ahead of schedule.

There will be another update shortly, focusing further upon the technologies being used and how the BitCar Platform is going to be one of the first of its kind in the world.

Binance Listing In-progress

Although we don’t have any additional progress to report, we do need your help to get the Platform out there – please support our social media postings and updates as much as you can (likes, retweets and so forth) the more people that see what we are doing, the more likely we will get noticed by Binance as a real opportunity!

We have also made it really easy for you to find us on social media now, using our new ‘’ addresses, so spread the word and make sure everyone knows how amazing BitCar is going to be!

Finally, please provide feedback on anything you see in this update, we value your input, so please continue to put forward ways in which you feel we could make the BitCar Platform even better. We hope you have enjoyed this article and please continue to message us in the telegram group with any feedback, as all constructive criticism is welcomed. As always, if you have liked this article, please share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social networks – the more followers we have, the more successful we will all be.

Important: Please note all screen designs are subject to change and do not depict cars which will be available upon Platform launch. The dates, timeframes, objectives, and details contained in this update are subject to change at BitCar’s sole discretion and BitCar makes no guarantees that the Platform will be available in Q1 2019 or even at all, this reflects the rapidly changing nature of our product and business environment. BitCar will endeavour to inform the community of any material changes to the design or release of the Platform, but does not warrant that this update is error-free or that the objectives identified in it will be achieved in accordance with any dates specified.