BitCar “application in progress” on Binance Crypto Exchange

By: BitCar (published on: )

BitCar “application in progress” on Binance Crypto Exchange

BitCar is pleased to announce that our Binance Application has been submitted and is now at the “application in progress” stage.

The info about BitCar is already available on Binance’s info portal and can be accessed through this link:

What does this mean?

Ever since our ICO earlier this year, BitCar has been looking for the right time to submit our application to Binance to increase our reach and liquidity across more exchanges. BitCar believe that this one is “the one to have” as it is the top cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange, with a great reputation. Within the past 24 hours (as of writing) there has been over $800 million USD traded on the platform (CoinMarketCap) and Binance has over 10 million users, reportedly adding an additional 2 million users every week. This is due to the hundreds of coin-pairs on offer to trade with, in addition to its own Binance Coin (BNB).

The application process for Binance required a lot of information (including legal documentation) and could take some time to approve, but we feel this is a great milestone for us to achieve and hopefully we can add Binance to our list of supported exchanges. Should you wish to know more about the process, please check out this post from Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao.

“Binance listing review is a process, not an event.” – Zhao

For the community to support our application, please continue to engage with our social media accounts; come and talk to us on Telegram, retweet on Twitter, follow and like us on Instagram – show the strength of our community following.

What we also ask is that you please do not aggressively push Binance to list the BitCar token – it could get us on a blacklist, but mention this article and send it around to all of your friends using this URL