BitCar Team Expansion

By: BitCar (published on: )

At BitCar we are very happy to welcome our new members to the team! Read on to find out more.

William ‘Will’ Foster

William joins the team as the Chief Product Officer. He brings a distinct blend of technical and business knowledge to the BitCar team, having worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, across a variety of roles including full-stack software engineer and software development manager. Will’s responsibility within the team is to manage the development of the platform, mentoring and working with the software team and liaising with stakeholders to ensure the product is delivered successfully, according to the Road Map.

Rowan Dunbar

Next we have Rowan, who BitCar’s Front End Developer with 9 years experience. He has worked in a variety of industries, most recently coming from the residential building industry as Front End Tech Lead for Dale Alcock’s ABN Group. He is passionate about creating great user experiences and has a strong interest in classic cars and motorcycles.

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