BitCar update on Platform #BitCarTEC #4

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Hello BitCar aficionados!

This article follows on from our previous Tec2 Article, where we introduced Rowan, Will and highlighted some of the frontend challenges. We are happy to report that the team has been working fast and furious (no pun intended!) on the platform, to meet some significant milestones, as outlined below.

Front-end Development

Previously, we outlined how one of the challenges faced developing the user-interface was the interaction with the Blockchain. The past four weeks Rowan has been building the foundation of the front-end, which is now interacting with our own smart-contracts in the development environment. This has allowed us to start constructing the following screens…


The starting point for the application; this is where each trader can view platform information. There will be specific data relating to your own wallet account, along with general information pertaining to the Platform, which may include Car information, token pricing and news. The screen will display details of the current wallet public address (if unlocked), or alert you to unlock the wallet for greater interaction with the platform. This works through the utilisation of Web3 technology, allowing the frontend to interact with MetaMask and, in turn, provide registration information to the frontend after querying the BitCar Platform.


Access to the platform is provided without any registration required, however, to unlock some advanced features and make the platform more personal, you may wish to register a wallet with the platform. Once the wallet is unlocked, if the ‘is a registered trader?’ query to the BitCar platform returns false, you may choose to register with the BitCar platform; this allows you to purchase CAR tokens from the platform and to see customised data on the dashboard (and additional functionality). Registration occurs by reading through some security questions relating to safe wallet use, before clicking ‘register’. This will then make a registration call to the BitCar platform asking for your public wallet address to be added to the platform (behind the scenes), once this is confirmed you will be redirected back to the dashboard screen and be registered onto the platform.


With some great progress being made over the past four weeks, we are happy to provide an update on overall progress, with percentages for the frontend only increasing slightly as we uncover the extent of development required, whilst significant progress has been made on the backend, as we start to finalise development there. The diagram below shows the current Platform progress:

Upcoming development milestones include:

  • Finalising the dashboard design
  • On-boarding of the car to the platform
  • Prototyping the car listing screen (with blockchain interaction)
  • Prototyping the car detail screen (with blockchain interaction)
  • Ensuring the framework works correctly with the upcoming changes to MetaMask in relation to the EIP-1102 (Ethereum Improvement Proposal)
  • Finalising the backend RPP process
  • Thorough testing of the backend portfolio management and car exit strategy
  • Completion of the user access control system

General Platform Update

William has been collating feedback from the survey and the team, to start putting together a clear roadmap with milestone delivery targets; this should be finished and will be communicated very soon!

Screen Design Concepts — Car Cards

In addition to the development work which is happening, there has also been some design work, with one of the initial screen-shots shown below for both desktop and mobile views, we will be releasing more in the coming days onto our website, so stay tuned into our social media and please let us know what you think via Telegram or Twitter

* Please note screen designs are subject to change and do not depict cars which will be available upon platform launch Desktop 1 — “Original”

Desktop 2 — “Purple”

Mobile 1 — “Original”

Mobile 2 — “Purple”

We value your technical input, so please continue to put forward ways in which you feel we could make the BitCar platform even better.

For now, the team are striving to get a Platform up and running, which is decentralized and built to perfection. We hope you have enjoyed this article and please continue to message us in the telegram group with any feedback or comment below, as all constructive criticism is welcomed.

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