Detailed BitCar Platform Guide

By: BitCar (published on: )

Step-by-step guide written for version v0.0.13-mvp of the platform.

Table of Contents

  • Getting to the platform
  • The Menu Bar
  • Unlock Wallet — “Logging in”
  • Before Registering on The Platform
  • Step-by-step Registration
  • Registration Submission Process
  • Other Tutorials

BitCar’s first car — Ferrari 599 GTO “The Last One”

Getting to the platform

The BitCar platform is located at, which will always redirect you to the latest version. You will notice that the URL in the bar will now start with followed by an alphanumeric string. This string is the unique hash on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), where we deploy the platform; we will go into the technical reasons behind this in another article. Please do not bookmark the address, only bookmark you may have to do this manually, as the alphanumeric string changes upon every release.

The Menu Bar

The first screen you are taken to is the car listing screen, this is the platform ‘Home’ page and shows details of all the current cars on the platform, along with their availability. You can return to this screen at any time by clicking on the BitCar logo in the top left-hand corner.

The header bar of the platform, before unlocking your wallet

The top right-hand side of the screen is where the menu bar is situated, this is the main navigation bar for the platform and provides the following options:-

  • Home — returns you to the home screen
  • Unlock Wallet — Opens the prompt to unlock your wallet which allows you to ‘login’ to the platform
  • My Garage — Think of this as your personal dashboard, providing a summary of purchased cars
  • BitCar Bazaar — Coming soon as of this version; this will open the Bazaar functionality, allowing you to securely trade fractions of cars with other platform users

Unlock Wallet — “Logging in”

Before being able to register and purchase fractions of the platform cars, you will need to unlock your cryptocurrency wallet using MetaMask. This guide assumes you have already installed and setup MetaMask, we have written another guide and created a video on how to do this if you need assistance.

Currently only MetaMask is supported; hardware login coming soon!

Clicking on the ‘Unlock Wallet’ button on the screen that is presented, will tell MetaMask to provide BitCar with the public address currently selected. If this is the first time you are connecting to BitCar, MetaMask will show a ‘Connect Request’ prompt. This should be in a pop-up window, if this is not visible, clicking on the MetaMask icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser will also show the popup; you must click ‘Connect’ to continue.

This is the pop-up you should see to ‘Unlock’ your wallet

Once you have unlocked your account, the menu bar ‘Unlock Wallet’ option will change to ‘Sign Out’. Selecting this option at any stage will stop the platform being able to see your wallet address whilst browsing. If the current account in MetaMask is not registered with BitCar, you will be shown an orange bar telling you to register.

If you have already registered with BitCar and are seeing this message, please ensure you have selected the correct account in MetaMask. To do this:-

  1. click on the MetaMask icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. click on the account picture (circle) in the top right-hand corner of the window that is displayed
  3. finally click on the account you want

Changing your account in MetaMask

The platform should notice your change of account and read the new account details accordingly.

Registering on The Platform

Before Registering on The Platform You will need the following:-

  1. Installed MetaMask and created an account or imported your existing cryptocurrency wallet
  2. Bought approximately 0.004 ETH (approx. $1 USD, £0.75 or €0.90 as of writing) - you will need approximately $25 USD worth of ETH at current rates, if you want to buy the minimum amount of car later too.
  3. Ensure that at least 0.004 ETH is in the same wallet address you want to register onto the platform
  4. Optional - buy a hardware wallet, or create a second account in MetaMask to use as a storage wallet (we recommend a hardware wallet like those provided by Trezor or Ledger as these can be safely stored offline)

Step-by-step Registration

If this is the first time you have connected to the platform, you will see an orange bar at the top of the screen stating to ‘ Click here to register as a member so you can buy fractions of a car’.

Clicking on this bar will take you to the membership screen, this version only supports Bronze Membership, clicking on ‘Join’ under that option will take you to the initial terms screen.

Bronze Membership

This initial terms screen outlines some fundamentals which you need to understand, again reiterating the security needed for your wallet and private keys (as covered during our MetaMask tutorial). Verify that the wallet address has that you want to register has been correctly selected in MetaMask and you (optionally) have the public address for your storage wallet address ready too.

You must agree to both statements to continue — check your wallet address displayed too

Click on each statement to ‘Agree’ and then click ‘Continue’.

The next screen outlines the Terms and Conditions for using the platform; please take the time to read these as they outline everything relating to your ownership of the car title, how this relates to the CAR tokens, registration information, wallet security, platform usage and so on. If you do not agree with these terms, you will be unable to use the platform.

Platform Terms of Use

If you agree to the terms, click on ‘ I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions’ and click ‘Continue’ again. Now you will need to provide some basic information for us to validate who you are, this information IS NOT stored on the blockchain or in the public domain. Additionally, you can also provide another public address to link to your account as a ‘storage wallet’.

Registration Submission Process

Once you have entered all of your information click on ‘Submit Registration Request’, there are now three steps to completing registration:-

  1. MetaMask will prompt you for a ‘Signature Request’; our registration process uses this signed data to verify that no-one has intercepted your registration request and it sends it to the blockchain (so that no personally identifiable data is stored on the chain). If you don’t get the Window pop-up from MetaMask, check the icon on the top right-hand corner of your browser, you can access it from there. Click on ‘Sign’ to continue.

  2. After signing your data, you will get another MetaMask prompt, this will write the signature data onto the blockchain; this is the part that costs ~0.004 ETH (as of writing) for the account you are registering, not this is not a fee charged by BitCar; this is just the cost of saving data onto the Blockchain. This may take some time as data is written into the chain.

  3. Once the transaction has completed, the BitCar system will validate your registration request and add your address to a new trader account within the system. This may take some time as data is written to the Blockchain (this is paid for by BitCar not yourself and we do not pass on this fee).

You will now be registered onto the platform, refreshing the page and unlocking your wallet again, will now connect your registered account to the platform.